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Yelo One - Making your digital assets secure.

One simple fact - you cannot buy a cryptocurrency or a blockchain token without a blockchain wallet. Today there are more than 22 million wallets being used across the globe. Compare that to 2014 when the total number of cryptocurrency wallets were about 2 million pieces.

It is estimated that by 2023, the potential number of cryptocurrency wallets will be around 500 million wallets. The demand for crypto wallets is going to skyrocket in days to come.

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yelo one biometric hardware wallet ico

What is Yelo One?

Yelo One is a family of three crypto wallets - Yelo One, Yelo One Bio, and Yelo Card.

Our Yelo One Bio with its groundbreaking biometric lock is your peace of mind. While it is impossible to price tag on your peace of mind, we plan to put one and it will be the best investment you have made (after your $50 Bitcoin).

We also understand that your needs vary. You do not want all your coins locked up in a biometric wallet. You also need one to keep your “change in” like a coin purse of days gone by. For that purpose, we have a non-biometric wallet.

For those who want a sleeker way to carry their digital assets, we have our Card Wallet. And we understand that swiping a card to get your cryptocurrency to pay is still some years ago. So, what we have created is a “Storage Card”. This is just like your crypto wallet pen drive but one that fits in your wallet. You will need a special card reader to access the coins on this card and we will supply one to you with your card. You can also buy a backup reader if you so wish to do.

Not just a Concept - A working product!!! YELO ONE

Yelo One is not just a concept, it is a working product. We are ready to ship as soon as a month after the ICO closes. This business is ready to go live and to give profits. Profits that will drive your income. No Speculations, no ambiguity - A business plan backed by a solid product.

Wallet Recovery

One of the common concerns that we have in the blockchain wallets is the loss of a private key, a device and the subsequent recovery of the wallet.We have the first working product where the wallets, when lost, can be restored. In order to do this, you have to pair the device with our Mobile app and take an encrypted backup of the private key. The private key leaves the wallet in an encrypted form so, there is no real loss of security here. In order to recover that private key, you have to pair the new Yelo one device with the installed app and use the same passcode to open the wallet as you did earlier. This will ensure that you get your wallet back in your Yelo one wallet.

This pairing is done via Bluetooth secure connection and it is compatible with any mobile device running our mobile app. You can use wither our Yelo One or Yelo One Bio to do this. This facility is currently not available on our wallet card.

You can still lose your wallet but for that to happen, you have to lose both the wallet and your mobile phone at once.

With such first in the market feature, we are sure that the demand for our crypto wallet will be high and that we will tackle much bigger competition like Trezor and Ledger with ease. In order to maximize sales and profit for our investors and stakeholders, we are not leaving any stone unturned.

Compliance Framework

Yelo pursues disparate security and compliance standards across geographies and verticals, including ISO 27001, FedRAMP, and PCI DSS, CESG (UK), Singapore Multi-tier Cloud Security (MTCS) standards and applicable EU data protection laws. This means that anyone using our crypto wallet can do so knowing that their information (little as we keep) will be given the same high level of protection it receives in the EEA.

We aspire to reduce the effort needed to perform audits since these tasks become routine, ongoing, and automated. By spending less time on manual activities, manages risk and improves security posture.

Compliance alignments and frameworks include published security or compliance requirements for a specific purpose, such as a specific industry or function. AWS provides functionality (such as security features) and enablers (including compliance playbooks, mapping documents, and white papers) for these types of programs.

Requirements under specific alignments and frameworks may not be subject to certification or attestation; however, some alignments and frameworks are covered by other compliance programs.


Yelo One token will be going on sale in the first week of May through Private Sales and then the Pre-ICO and ICO rounds will begin.



Number of tokens for sale

15,000,000 Y1 Tokens (10%)



Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 200 Y1 Tokens, 1 BTC = 3400 Y1 Tokens

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

1 ETH/ 1 BTC/ 1 LTC

Distribution of tokens

yelo one biometric hardware wallet

Use of proceeds

yelo one biometric hardware wallet

Our Roadmap RoadMap

Nov 2017

Creation of Prototype Device.

Dec 2017

Testing of Security Measures

Jan 2018

Platform Partnerships

Feb 2018

Mass production agreements

Mar 2018

ICO Preperation & Press Tour

Apr 2018


May 2018

ICO Launch

Jun 2018

Wallet Pre-Order

Jul 2018

Trading Starts

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